Syrup Pumps, Jars, Lids, Ladles, Dipper wells

Chudnow Syrup and Chocolate pumps (can also be used for condiments such as catsup and mustard) are for use primarily in the ice cream and soda fountain industries and used in places like Carvel, Dairy Queen, Diners and Resturaunts and local Ice Cream Parlors and Coffee Houses. Used with other accessories such as jars for syrups and fruit and with a variety of lids and ladles. Set up an ice cream station in your home such as a recreation room renovation or a bar area in your basement. Make your entertainment nights the talk of the town!

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Chocolate Pump

Chocolate Pump, Fits P96 and P97 jars


Cover/Lid, fits P96 and P97 jars
$16.00 $14.50

Crushed Fruit & Syrup Jar, 2 qt, Black

Crushed fruit and syrup jar, 2 qt Capacity, Black
$11.00 $9.75

Dipper Well, Sink, Rectangular w/water spout

Rectangular dipper well with running water spout. 11" long, 5" wide, 4" deep.
$95.00 $80.00

Knob for syrup or chocolate pump

73-H, 84-H
3D knob for syrup or chocolate pump.

Cover/Lid w/Ladle, 1 oz.

Cover/Lid w/Ladle, 1 oz.
$18.50 $16.75