Simplo-Mix Two Flavor Mix Faucet

Simplo-Mix Two Flavor Mix Faucet, Series 151-2 Available in a variety of mixing configuration.
SKU: 151-2
Manufacturer part number: 151-2
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Please be aware that this is a Manufacture to Order part and is subject to 7-14 day lead time.

Simplo-Mix Single Flavor Mix Faucet,
Series 151, Available in a variety of configurations.

Our Simplo-Mix faucets feature all stainless steel construction. The faucets are leak proof and will provide years of service. All faucets feature a fine or coarse stream and provide a flavored drink on the pull stroke and a non-flavored drink on the push stroke. Features vary for specific combinations. Please select from list of available configurations

Please allow for 7 to 14 days lead time before shipment of this item.

California Proposition 65 Compliant: Brass components are lead free.