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45-bend w/Wall Bracket, Barb

Hose Barb Fitting w/45 degree bend and wall bracket attached. 3/8 hose barb x 3/8 hose barb. Stainless Steel
$4.20 $3.50

45-bend w/Wall Bracket, Barb and Flange

45 degree bend, 3/8 in. barb x male beer flange plus wall bracket. stainless steel
$6.10 $4.95

Beer flange barb fitting, 304 Stainless Steel, 3/8 in. barb to beer flange.

Beer flange barb fitting, Beer nut stem, 304 Stainless Steel, 3/8 in. barb to beer flange.
$3.50 $3.30

Beer flange Gasket

Beer flange Gasket/Washer, Used with S22-* and NP54 hex nut
$0.35 $0.25

Beer flange Nut

Beer flange nut, NP54 hex nut. Used with S22-* and 65 neoprene washer
$1.50 $1.10

U-bend "Y" Adapter w/Wall Bracket, Male Beer Flang

U-bend "Y" adapter with x2 male beer flange "Y" ports and x1 male beer flange takeoff port. w/Bracket. stainless steel
$14.55 $13.55